Artist's Statement

Series: In-Between 

This series reflects both a mindful and a subconscious approach to painting. These works represent a distillation of ideas (the seeds) and actions (the process) that can be viewed as a layered progression of the intentional and the accidental.

I am interested in how, in the context of my urban environment, the mind continually processes a maelstrom of incoming visual and aural information. Most intriguing to me are the spaces in-between engagement – when active listening times out, when the multitasking brain floats off into daydreams, when eyes, brimming with an incoming tide of visuals, refocus below the surface of reality to languish with intangibles.

Each exploration begins with a mood, set in motion with colour. Gradually I build up layers of paint, marks and glazes to represent the accumulated memory of sensory input over time. Layered spirals, meandering lines, scratches and drips, all portraying loose tangents, give way to my most persistent of elements, the circle. Seductive and imbued with infinite meaning, my imperfect, hand-drawn circles impart a sense of the organic. They move through the layers with a touch of instability. Perhaps they represent our naïveté as we move through time, tangled up in technology, information and experience.